Say It With Flowers

I’m not suggesting for one minute that a woman requires flowers every week; it is, after all, the thought that counts. But I do think that it is important for a man to have some understanding of how to buy flowers, as and when the need arises.

While I may be no authority on the subject, my local florist, Tilly Tomlinson Flowers, informs me that I am in the minority when it comes to selecting my own flowers for inclusion in the bunches of flowers and posies which I create for my good lady: I ought to point out at this juncture that I’m not a fan of the flouncy bouquet. I find traditional bouquets too gauche, and wrapped in too much garish translucent wrapping paper, preferring instead a posy-like bunch of flowers that is less ostentatious, particularly when wrapped in plain (brown) or coloured craft paper of which I have long since been a fan. I find this type of arrangement more architecturally pleasing to the eye, but, most of all, less cumbersome; tall flower arrangements thrash on the floor when I’m walking home at speed, late from the humidor! Posies on the other hand, are easy to carry, and also easy to sit in my Brompton bicycle’s front pannier bag, E.T. style.

And it is a mark of a good florist who allows you to be creative, who engages you in a conversation pertaining to the reason for your floral requirements e.g. anniversary, thank you or white flag etc. and who describes the different flowers available, and,  moreover makes subtle suggestion. For, if you are not naturally gifted in selecting the colours which are right for the occasion, and that is not to say that white is not the correct colour of flowers to purchase if you are in the dog house, some consideration of the season, or your good ladies favourite colours etc. is a good place to start when looking for inspiration.

But for those of you who are not fortunate enough to have an accommodating and sympathetic florist on your doorstep, with whom you have a good rapport, and with whom you can discuss your floral requirements, you may want to enlist the services of The Real Flower Company, who will be only too happy to discuss the particular occasion with you, and make suggestion on which flowers might be fitting.

And by way of assisting you in this floral quagmire, please allow me to shine some light on the end of this process at which to begin. The stems, as they are known in the trade, are, I would suggest, the place to start when creating your floral arrangement. And whether you go for scented roses – a rarity these days but for which The Real Flower Company are famed – or a selection of other English grown flowers, you can quite quickly put together an arrangement utilising the colours found within your chosen flower’s petals. For example; if you select my personal favourite, the aptly named cafe latte rose, there are, within each petal, shades of pink, flesh tones and coffee tones which are perfect for pairing with a bouquet’s herbs and foliage i.e. the greenery which fills-out the bunch, such as eucalyptus, for example. This is, for me, a tried and tested method for experimenting with colour, and one which I use in the selection of lining’s for a gentleman’s suit, and also jackets and overcoats, as well as shoes. And whereas you would expect the lining of your jacket to be but a single colour, you will more than likely find two fillers are provided for each flower you select, but be prepared to be guided by the experts once you have the initial floral selection made.

And whilst I was of the volition that the transport of one’s flowers was only a consideration for Bristol’s local tailor, it would seem that The Real Flower Co. have sought to improve upon even the design of the oft’ overlooked packaging of their delightful flowers, by means of a re-usable hat box; genius! Which means that you receive their flowers, the one’s that you selected, and not those selected by a third party, are delivered safely to your door, or those of your wife, memsahib, lover or mistress. And if you would prefer to hand-pick your own flowers, then you can visit The Real Flower Co. at Selfridges, London, or at their HQ in Petersfield, by appointment.

I do hope that she appreciates them..

Brown in Town