Remember, remember; grow your mo’ for Movember!


While all and sundry were celebrating Halloween last night, the team from what must be the most popular charity in Bristol, given the number of moustaches per head: ‘Movember’ were celebrating the launch of this years campaign to raise awareness for men’s health.

While Movember’s primary focus has been prostate cancer, which affects an inordinate number of us chaps each year, and more than is necessary I shouldn’t wonder as a result of us not discussing our health in the name of machismo, and more’s the pity, they champion a raft of male health concerns.

But Movember laughs in the face adversity, and asks us to grow a moustache in the name of raising awareness, whilst having fun at the same time! Given the high number of lounge suits and wedding suits which Brown in Town has made for our patrons and grooms alike this year, whereby their moustache, or indeed beard, was a key factor in the selection of cloth colour, it comes as no surprise to Bristol’s local tailor, nor I’m sure, to the hirsute of this fine city, that Bristol is one of the greatest supporters of Movember.

This year, Movember’s new livery is in one’s favourite colour of orange: at least two of my suits are lined in this exciting autumnal colour, which brings a smile to my face each morning I put them on! And if you fear that your whiskers are not worthy of the cause, think again: Movember are not looking for the best Mo’, on the contrary, they are looking for the best mo’ that you can grow – or not as the case may be for those not blessed in the hirsute department.

For it is the taking part which is all important, and, ergo, the growing of the mo’, irrespective how impressive, is what raises money. Friends and family will donate to the cause, and, I’m sure, donate in the hope that you do not become too attached to the ol’ hairy lip, and see that it is shaved off at the end of the month!

On your marks, get set, Mo’..

Brown in Town