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Jackets, blazers, sport coats, call them what you will, but they are, for many, the equivalent of the male handbag: an essential piece of kit. Separates, as the ensemble of jacket and trousers is commonly known, is a highly versatile wardrobe staple. Indeed, there are an increasing number of our patrons who consider a suit too formal for day-to-day business wear, but find that separates are a failsafe way of dressing appropriately in the company of one's peers, with style, without fear of overstepping the mark.

Whether you prefer the traditional style of blue blazer and grey flannels, or prefer to update the look with chinos. or, perhaps, wear jeans and a tweed jacket , there is a look and a style that you can call your own.

With just one jacket in the wardrobe, one pair of flannels or worsteds and a pair of chinos or jeans, worn together with a crisp white shirt or a pale blue chambray shirt, complimented by a pair of brown brogues, you have all the elements that make up the staples of a functional wardrobe.

Whatever your requirement, whether formal, informal or casual, Brown in Town takes pride in offering advice on style, colour and cloth for all occasions.