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Never has the colour of a man’s suit been more important than the colour of his wedding suit - for if the groom is to look his best on the day and for eternity in the wedding photos, it is of paramount importance to choose a colour which is most flattering.

Brown in Town are happy to provide you with advice not only on cloth, but also on the colour and design of your wedding suit. Of course, no suit would be complete without the rest of the kit and caboodle, so to this effect we offer shirts, ties, pocket squares and also shoes as part of our atelier (see Instagram feed @brownintownatelier).

And don’t forget that unlike other wedding related costs, a suit does not have to be paid in full and upfront. We offer two payment options to include either Deposit and Balance which splits the cost into two - the deposit is only required when you are measured for your suit (usually your second appointment) and the balance at first fitting.

Alternatively, you can spread the cost over the time it takes to make your suit (ranging from 6 - 12 wks or more if you are very organised!) by utilising the BIT Account. For more details please enquire within.



Joseph Cheaney & Sons offer a full range of traditional bench-made shoes, made in Northampton. We provide a full-fitting service for you to try with your suit, before you buy.


We carry ties from Drakes of London and also Francesco Marino in Italy, in addition to our house woollen ties - great for tweed suits!

Pocket Squares

Our range of Pocket Squares come from Mondo Magna in Somerset and also Drakes of London, all of which are hand-rolled in a variety of silks, cashmere, linen and cotton.


Never under estimate the benefit of a tailored shirt, as it provides the backdrop to your suit and also your tie. Hitherto, we offer shirts which are handmade in Bristol, for those who seek provenance as well as luxury. For the discerning and daring, Swiss shirtmaker Hübscher provide us with an extensive range of shirtings and our own range of house shirtings offer fantastic value. All shirts are made with your choice of cloth, colour, design and measurements to fit you as a well fitting shirt should.