Cheaney Shoes

Cheaney Shoes

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One of our most renowned and historical shoemakers, I was first introduced to the delights of Joseph Cheaney Shoes when Saffron Darby did a collaboration with the Northamptonshire based company, in her capacity as Senior Designer at Toast.


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My first pair were Cheaneys Tweed boots (so named after the river and not because they are clad in weather proof wool, which they are not) which are rugged and built for the outdoors; replete with welted Commando sole, they are perfect for Autumn/Winter.

Since then, I have found their lasts to be perfect for my foot, their leather uppers supple from the get go - with no need for them to be broken in. Above all, their soles require resoling but once a year - other shoes I have tried last but a fraction of this length of time.

It's original founder, Joseph Cheaney, founded the company in 1886. In 1903 Joseph's sons Arthur and Harold joined the company, hence Joseph Cheaney & Sons. In 1930 Joseph's grandson, "Dick" Cheaney, joined the company and developed the export market whilst building on their UK popularity.

Little known, perhaps, is the fact that in 1966 Cheaney not only won the Queen's Award to industry, but were also sold to Church's (shoes). The Church's family have been making quality handmade shoes for five generations and to this day Jonathan and William Church, great, great grandsons of it's founding father, are at the helm of the company. 

So, when you invest in a pair of Cheaney Shoes, you are also being rewarded with the history, expertise and skill of Church's. Marvellous!