With thanks..


If Brown in Town’s first week in business was one of logistics and establishment; Douglas (my mannequin) and I moved into our new premises, the cigar humidor at Hotel du Vin, Bristol, we switched on the long anticipated website and we distributed our ‘Coming Soon’ posters to various peer’s establishments around the city, then week two is one of knuckling down to the task at hand, chiefly, making customer’s finery, and, owing to the inclement weather, their umbrellas, post haste – the latter being top of many of my customer’s lists!

But before we submerge ourselves in a world of bespoke tailoring, fine cloths and the rather decadent surroundings of my new studio space, I would like to take a minute to thank those who have been instrumental and made Brown in Town possible.

Firstly, Bristol’s local tailor must of course thank his better half, Saffron Darby, for her tireless support and sartorial advice. And, not least, for relinquishing her studio in our attic in exchange for my, somewhat smaller affair, in the scullery.

I’d also to thank Sam of Studio Baum for his creative skills in helping me to realise my vision of Brown in Town’s branding, and, also, his embracing of Brown in Town and it’s values; bespoke tailoring with a twist – I look forward to reinventing your wardrobe Sir as you have me!

But probably the greatest hurdle of all was not designing the website, as I had a fairly clear style in mind, but populating our new website, as, without content it is but a suit on a hanger. The real challenge was conveying, through imagery, what it is that Brown in Town does, what it stands for, what it believes in, and, above all, how you, the patron, the casual observer, perceive it. And this task was entrusted to Remco Merbis of Pixillian, who, like me, also had set himself a goal; to be the best photographer that he could be. I think he has achieved this. I hope you agree.

As for entertaining my customers, whilst I have been known to receive guests at my newly acquired attic studio from time-to-time, there can be no question that the preferred address for receiving one’s customers is at Brown in Town’s new home in the (cigar) humidor at Hotel du Vin. Quite simply, a better space this cigar aficionado could not wish to occupy – if we cannot enjoy cigars in these wonderful surroundings, let us at least enjoy the other age old art of dressing for an occasion and waxing sartorial instead. As for the staff and the service, both my patrons and I agree, it is first rate and I look forward to entertaining more of you here, in due course.

And if you have not yet been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the Coming Soon poster for yourself, which was designed by the amazing Studio Baum and printed in record time by Hello Blue, then you’ll find them at the following establishments;

Bang Shanky (formerly Mack Daddy’s), Colston St. Bristol
Averys, Culver St. Bristol
Small St. Espresso, Small St. Bristol
FCP Coffee, Broad St. Corn St. Bristol
Harts Bakery, Temple Meads, Bristol
The Star & Dove, St. Lukes Rd, Totterdown
Source, St. Nicholas Market, Bristol
The Swan, Wedmore
The Ethicurean, Wrington

This speaks nothing, of course, of the countless friends, family and patrons who have given me their support, their time, their encouragement and their feedback in order to enable me to realise my dream; to be able to provide a personal tailoring service with all the trimmings, here in the South West.

So, one and all, I thank you and I hope to see you at the humidor soon..

Yours sincerely,


Brown in Town