Bristol’s Local Tailor: Tweed Pig Pin-up..?


What is The Tweed Pig?
The Tweed Pig is a rolling periodical that features timeless classics and hidden gems, uncovering the best from Britain and beyond to a global readership. From a male perspective, they champion artistry, heritage and craftsmanship over fleeting fashion and trends. They’re interested in the attention to detail that goes into creating something that lasts.

As such, Bristol’s local tailor was asked to guest on this fine periodical, and I thought it might be nice to share it with you here on the Brown in Town website..

David Minns – Bristol’s Finest Tailor

We’ll give London a wide birth this week. The pummelling to its reputation it is receiving as a ‘pirate’ city awash with ill-gotten foreign loot could reflect badly on all of us. Although, if any of that loot were to find itself stuffed into a paper bag and posted to Tweed Towers — no names, no questions — of course, ahem, we’ll do our very best to help rebuild the good name of the city.

In the meantime, we head west to the scandal-free English maritime city of Bristol, where we find tailors and atelier Brown in Town.

David Minns (above) is the tailor behind the operation. You will find him, by appointment, at the converted Cigar Humidor at Bristol’s Hotel du Vin; and he’s now also offering tailoring services from the swinging Hoxton Hotel in London. If you’re based in the West Country, seek out David to attend to your sartorial needs.

Thanks to fellow Fox Umbrellas enthusiast David for his contribution to our pin-up series.



“Brown in Town are Bespoke tailors and atelier; a comprehensive gents outfitters for both town and country, weekday and weekend, providing tweeds to tails, suits to separates also the essential gentleman’s accoutrements; handkerchiefs, ties, pocket squares and umbrellas from Fox Umbrellas.

“And, as Bristol’s local tailor, I take it upon myself to shine the sartorial torch wherever I go, and I never leave home without my trusted Fox Umbrella – whom I chanced upon during my tenure as an ex-pat living in South East Asia, where rain really is rain, and was perturbed by the slew of umbrella detritus in the streets each monsoon. 

“During a visit home to blighty, I procured my first Fox Umbrella, and am now proud to be a stockist of this trusty ‘Steed’, if you’ll pardon the pun!

“In this image I’m sporting a 3pc 
Vitale Barberis Italian flannel suit, complete with GT9 whangee handled Fox umbrella.”

Brown in Town