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unlock your separates ensemble

Gone are the days when one could stand in front of the wardrobe, select a suit to wear i.e. not the suit which we wore yesterday, choose a complimentary shirt and tie, and appropriately coloured shoes. Simple. And more's the pity we hear you cry!

With perhaps the exception of the finance industry, almost all of Brown in Town's professionals are eschewing the old stalwart of British attire, the suit, in favour of - or in some instances at the bequest of their employers - smart casual: But what does that mean?!

Historically, smart casual evoked an ensemble which incorporated an open neck shirt (no tie), a blazer or jacket (not one of your suit jackets doubling up as such) and trousers of a different cloth/colour (also not part of a suit) i.e. 'Separates'.

So in a show of solidarity, Brown in Town have been busy designing a capsule wardrobe of separates which, we hope, you will find make it easy for you to select an entire outfit as easily as you did the incumbent suit.


These days, the go-to trousers for separates would be either denim jeans or cotton chinos. The rules regarding which are more appropriate is dictated by several things, not least being one's industry; also the application, one's audience not to mention the day of the week in some cases, for example Mufti-Friday.

Our Custom Collection chinos would fit the bill for Mufti-Friday, or as an alternative to jeans where denim may not be appropriate or the ensemble requires a cut above.

But what to do when chinos are inappropriate, or you'd prefer to benefit from the drape and comfort of wool, as you did your suits? Historically made of flannel from the likes of Fox Brothers in Somerset and known as 'flannels', slacks are to the separates outfit what trousers are to the suit.

But as our climate becomes less and less wintery, even in the winter months, flannels can prove to be a little on the warm side. Enter stage left worsted wool in a twill finish, which gives a similar appearance to flannels and is available in varying weights, worsted is not quite as heavy or as warm as flannel.

Our Custom Collection worsteds are made of a 12-13oz mid-grey twill, which we find to be a rather versatile cloth both in shade and weight. It is incredibly comfortable to wear, whether in situ or on your skateboard, and has fantastic recovery i.e. it holds it's shape and also it's crease exceptionally well for a cloth of this weight and handle.

So, if you are looking for the keys to unlock your separates ensemble, then might we suggest you give them a spin..