Considering the unpredictable weather of our fair isle, it never ceases to amaze me how few of us carry an umbrella, to protect us from the elements.

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Like handkerchiefs, I consider the umbrella an essential piece of kit and am seldom without my faithful GT9, Fox umbrella.

I chanced upon this iconic cane-handled (actually whangee, from Japan) GT9 when living overseas in south east asia, where I learned what rain really is - I also learned quite quickly the need for a quality 'brolly that could withstand a downpour - and a strong wind for that matter, without folding inside out!

Founded in 1868, Fox Umbrellas have provided umbrellas of repute to the likes of the royal family, Fortnum & Mason, Alfred Dunhill and, perhaps most memorably Steed of The Avengers, and they are still made by hand in their workshop near my hometown of Bromley.

And, whilst we naturally concern ourselves with losing such items, investing in something of such quality and beauty, is, I proffer, enough to prevent even the most absent-minded from doing so.