Up the Apples and Pears..


Bristol’s itinerant tailor is on the move again, but this time it’s not up the M4 to the Hoxton Hotel, oh no. This time, we’ve moved our entire studio up the Christmas Steps to barber extraordinaire: Bangshanky!

Ever since the demise of Hotel du Vin’s cigar humidor, Brown in Town has been at odds to find just the right location to accommodate not only our atelier of  Fox umbrellaspocket squaresties and, of course, handkerchiefs, but, obviously, to provide our patrons with comfortable surroundings befitting a traditional tailors. And it gives us enormous pleasure to announce that that search is now over, thanks to the collaboration and hospitality of our hosts.

We have spent the last two weeks frou-frouing the place-up and making it our home – Bangshanky has always been our spiritual home given that our respective businesses opened our respective doors on the same day, and, moreover, a great many of our grooms have been referred by Bangshanky – now, it actually is our home.

And it is fitting, we feel, that we should find ourselves in a basement – traditionally Savile Row’s tailors were to be found in the basement of their now salubrious addresses and many still are – but, moreover, I was reminded by the ever so talented Tara Darby, that my original idea for Brown in Town was to set-up a co-operative studio occupied by, in no particular order; a tailor, dressing the man, a barista, providing refreshments, Tara and Saffron Darby, making – I cannot reveal what yet but all will be revealed in due course – and last, but by no means least, providing the conversation, a barber!

A lot has happened since Brown in Town’s inception but it is rewarding to know that we are heading in the right direction – the direction of one’s initial hopes and dreams. I dare say that we will have some soiree to mark the occasion, but in the meantime, please do feel free to pay us a visit, before or after you’ve had a trim.

Bristol’s local tailor is now heading up the mountains for a week on the snow, but we look forward to seeing you upon our return.

In the meantime, feel free to pay us a visit at the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair on the 8th March!

Bon voyage…!

Brown in Town