To The Manor Born


As the nights draw in, and the year to a close, the family Darby Minns look forward to a well deserved break ahead of the Christmas rush, albeit, not before we’ve celebrated Saffron Darby’s birthday with a Studio 54 themed party this weekend: come to think of it, one wonders if our week away might not be break-enough?!

And while Bristol’s local tailor was hoping for an opportunity to break-out one’s Speedos (they were all the rage when I lived in Brasil and last had access to a swimming pool, don’t you know) and soak up some mediterranean sunshine, alas, the memsahib is understandably concerned for the welfare of our saucepan lids given the nasties which are doing the rounds at present and so we are all set for a stay-cation.

So it’s off to the 14 acres of walled garden which is Woolley Grange in Bradford on Avon, for some fresh air, country walks, log fires, not to mention partaking of some fine wines and as much game as one can eat in a week! And well you may ask how we are to enjoy so many extra curricular pursuits with our offspring in tow; because Luxury Family Hotels, which owns Woolley Grange, will provide not only 2 hours of creche each day, but also a baby-listening service of an evening so that we can dine alone, and in peace.. eureka!

Of course, there will be plenty of activities for the ankle biters; an indoor swimming pool, a cinema and gardens, which I cannot wait to explore with my brood. In fact, just focusing on them without distractions is always a pleasure in itself. But let us be frank, what I am really looking forward to is to dressing for each and every occasion that present itself, just consider the possibilities: tweeds for roaming the grounds, (double breasted) blazer and flannels for dining, Speedos for swimming – obvs’, kaftan for evening wear and, if I can get it passed Saffron Darby, the brown velvet dinner suit which has been commissioned especially for her birthday celebrations this weekend – you never know when one might be afforded the opportunity to enjoy a cigar of an evening while in such splendid surroundings!

Brown in Town has enjoyed it’s inaugural years trading immensely and has received some wonderful commissions and forged some fantastic relationships with it’s patrons. We will be raising a glass, or two, to all of you from the armchair in front of the fire at Woolley Grange and we hope that you will join us in a toast to more of the same as we look ahead to the silly season, which will entail, I’m sure,  even more wedding suit commissions, not to mention a handful of dinner dinner suits, and of course, the New Year, when I will be measuring an old friend visiting from Spain and fitting motor racing legend John Surtees, no less.

So, while we are away, wrap up warm, for it is getting colder. And if you cannot do that, then feel free to commission Brown in Town to make for you an overcoat upon our return.


Brown in Town