The Imbibe Awards: A Musing


To say that we have been busy at Brown in Town these past few weeks would be an understatement, but it hasn’t stopped us accepting the odd invitation or two in order to see some our work in action, break bread with friends and generally enjoy the fruits of our labour – we may also have found the time to smoke the odd cigar, but more of that later.

Bristol is nothing if not a hotbed for young talent; pop-ups abound and our restaurant and cafe’s are some of the best in the world: I can say this as I traversed a large part of the globe in my ex-pat days and took my morning coffee, lunch and dinner out everyday. But an invitation to the Imbibe Awards to be Brown in Town muse and one of The Ethicurean founders, Jack Bevan’s, plus one, really was quite a treat.

Our Jack was up for an award and Brown in Town was commissioned to make something for the evening befitting of such a ceremony, but also in keeping with his own brand of town and country style – something that Ethicurean patrons will be only too familiar with, not to mention readers of the Independent who will have witnessed Jack between it’s pages when they featured the cream of today’s eateries and the clothes which these restaurants choose to wear for service. The Ethicurean, it is worth mentioning, was the only restaurant to be featured which is located outside of London.

To compliment Jack’s signature Brown in Town waistcoat, Brown in Town fashioned him a jacket to match. Cut from the same 15oz herringbone Harris Tweed cloth, we completed the look by replacing Jack’s navy blue fishtail linen trousers with some autumnal coloured 16 wale needlecord trousers instead. B.e.a.utiful.

And not only did Jack win the award for Innovator of the Year, both The Ethicurean and their recently launched elixir, The Collector Vermouth, being cited as reasons for his being nominated, but also his ‘eccentric style’ were all part and parcel of his crowning glory. Hoorah!

As if this were not excitement enough for one night, we were also invited to dine at the historical Quality Chop House by head chef, friend and Brown in Town patron, Shaun Searley. And what a dining it was too; bread crumbed bone marrow amuse bouche was followed by sole and chicken skin in onion tea – served from a glass genie lamp, no less – culminating with mallard – only the third bit of game one has been afforded this season but by far and away the best.

And perhaps this is why Brown in Town has chosen to partner the eateries which it patronises to promote its services. I find that they are filled with like-minded people, passionate about their craft and with an understanding of why presentation is of the utmost importance. They also know how to eat and drink!

But no evening and no meal of such quality and flavour would be complete without a cigar but, given the late hour, we decided that a saunter back to our digs at the immensely accommodating Hoxton Hotel, would provide just time enough to smoke one Davidoff robusto. And we were right, too.

And what could be a more perfect way to end a perfect evening than with a nightcap of The Collector Vermouth, naturally.


Brown in Town