The Fox Umbrella: Like cloth, it’s all in the handle


Aside my own, the first umbrella I can remember, or at least the one worth remembering, was a whangee handled Fox umbrella which was the property of a patron of The Only Running Footman in London’s Mayfair.

I was working behind the bar at the time, and he arrived one day wielding this magnificent piece of handcrafted workmanship, and, what I recall was that the handle seemed of great girth, and that I found it, well, wieldy.

I invested in my own Fox umbrella, also a whangee handled model the handle of which was not quite so cumbersome, some time prior to this during a stint overseas where I had experienced my first monsoon whilst living in Bangkok.

It was evident that the umbrellas on offer were not up to the task as the streets were strewn with the all too familiar detritus of umbrellas turned inside-out, destroyed by strong winds,and then discarded – which is almost as inexcusable an act as a product not up to the task for which it was designed.

Given my newfound penchant for bespoke tailoring (I had 4 or 5 tailors all striving to afford me the English 1960’s aesthetic with mixed results) I returned to Blitey feeling resplendent in my tailored suits, replete with my Steed-like Fox umbrella; I’m not sure that there has ever been a better advertisement for the British 60’s aesthetic, or, indeed, for the umbrella than that of The Avengers’ John Steed – obviously Purdy was quite an inspiration too, but let’s not get distracted!

I have patronised but a few heritage brands over the year; from Mulberry bags and Anthony Haines ties to Calvin Klein underwear. My ethos is simply; if the shoe fits, why complicate things.

Fox was the first umbrella I ever purchased, and will continue to be the only umbrella I ever use. And not that one need invest in more than one but given that I live in the wettest city in England, I am loathe to relinquish my GT9 for some long overdue servicing until I have another to protect me from the elements, so I’m treating myself to a hickory solid stick to tide me over. As you do..

So, if, like me, you believe in affording yourself the luxury of everlasting style in the form of bespoke tailoring and the other essentials provided by handcrafted accoutrements, like Fox umbrellas, please enquire within. And, in case you were wondering, the whangee handles of our GT9 umbrellas are the perfect fit!

Brown in Town