Take me to my tailor..!

When I first had the idea of Brown in Town, aside the desire for a well stocked atelier of pocket squares, ties and umbrellas etc. I considered how best to broach that subject which hitherto, tailors are oft’ embarrassed to i.e. the cost of Sirs or Madams finery..

Moreover, and as part of the service which we consider part and parcel of being a patron of Brown in Town, I was keen to offer the most agreeable payment terms. Initially, we sought to meet our Customers half way by requesting a deposit of 50% the total cost of their order that we might go to market and procure the cloth and trim they had requested (bespoke); the balance being settled at the first fitting. We still offer this service to this day.

But in the tradition of Savile Row tailors, I was keen also to offer our patrons the option to have an account whereby one pay a monthly subscription and, when the need arises, they commission a new tailored suit, shirt, jacket, blazer, slacks, chinos, shorts or what have you, which, providing the account is in good order, we would make – the balance of which would be paid at the first fitting, in the same way, if agreeable.

Sadly, the idea fell on deaf ears when I approached the private banks on the Square who were my neighbours, who were more interested in the assets of a business, as opposed the proposition the business offered its Customers.

But just recently we have had a slew of requests from both our regulars and new Customers alike, interested in resurrecting this method of doing business with one’s tailor.

So, for our Customers who may be time deficient but are not prepared to sacrifice on style, Brown in Town now offer the option of having an account whereby a deposit, if applicable followed by monthly installments can be made towards their ongoing sartorial requirements.

In turn, we will of course continue to offer our outfitting service to include making recommendations on all sartorial requirements one might have. Sound good?

Enquire within..

Brown in Town