Tailoring That Tells A Story


Everybody has a sartorial jumping off point. My own was being shipped-off to South East Asia by Target Corporation and introduced, as all self-respecting ex-pats are, to my maid, my housekeeper and my tailor?!

Of course, I knew what the first two brought to the party, but what of this tailor chap; I didn’t wear suits.. My employer had other ideas.

It may not have been the most orthodox of introductions to tailoring, but that journey led to Brown in Town and we soon enter our 4th year. And having scratched our heads all the while, I think we have finally answered the age old question of what it is that we do; Tailoring That Tells A Story.

Now, this may not appear to be much of a revelation, nor come as a surprise to any of our Customers, particularly those whom we have dressed for their weddings. But, sometimes, the most obvious answers to the most testing questions, can be right under our noses – which, given my rather distinguished conk, can seem rather far away at times.

But 2016 also saw some firsts for Brown in Town, among them our first real foray into women’s tailoring, with no fewer than three ‘Trouser Suits’, as they have become known affectionately, for civil weddings. I dare say that in 2017 we may actually launch our female tailoring officially. Watch this space..

But we have also produced some of our best, if not challenging, work to date. Our first first,  was creating customised linings, whereby the customer designs their own jacket lining. We created no fewer than five personalised linings all told, for some discerning patrons for whom our huge selection of house linings and fancies and those from Lear Brown & Dunsford are plainly (pun intended) not enough. These would include; Iron Maiden’s Eddy (for a barrister, no less), Dandelions (designed by our good friends at Mondo Magna), Wallace & Gromit (for whom I am sworn to secrecy) and Batman – which is actually still in the workshop and is required for Bruce’s wedding next week (when I said I needed the artwork in a hurry Bruce, I did not mean two weeks later..!).

And fancy linings are not the only thing which take a little extra time to create, for it may have taken us a year, but we are finally getting Strawberry (the Brown in Town van, christened by our daughter!), liveried. When I say liveried, do not expect to see our name emblazoned on the side, but do expect to see our wardrobe on wheels painted a colour inspired by our Brown in Town  carrier bags..!

It took a lifetime to find my chosen vocation and whilst it may not take us that long to make one of our suits, it was my story that lead me here in the first place and it is the story of those who commission us to make their suits that is sewn into everything which we make..

As they say, all good things come to those who wait..

Brown in Town