Something for the weekend, Sir?


Friday is here and we know what that means; the opportunity to dress-up, dress-down or simply to wear something different to that which we’ve been wearing all week.

For some us, myself included, it will mean hanging our 3pc suit to rest, separately, of course; jacket on a sturdy wooden hanger which supports the sleeve head and gives the sleeves the ability to rest and rid themselves of their wrinkles, and, so too, ones’ trousers by hanging them upside down on a trouser clamp hanger in order to eradicate the wrinkles from behind the knee and the stretching in front of it. And, not forgetting one’s waistcoat of course, which simply requires airing and so will be hung separately on it’s own hanger.

Talking of separates, it will most likely be the the look of the weekend for Bristol’s local tailor, affording one, as it does, casual elegance and also utility; the jacket being the male handbag and useful for carrying one’s wallet, phone and keys etc. – and, if I foresee an opportunity arising, a cigar in my tailored-cigar pocket!

And, affording us a Robin’s dash of colour at the chest in place of one’s tie, the ever-elegant pocket square. From the silk, the spotted, the bright or the patterned, what better alternative to brighten up one’s ensemble.

This is not to say that there is not a place for the tie at the weekend, though I might opt for one less formal, a tweed or worsted tie by Anthony Haines perhaps, to provide some texture and depth of colour, natty too – and also particularly good for keeping one’s neck warm during this cold-snap we’re experiencing.

So, whatever your plans, remember to enjoy your 2 days of rest, and, if the opportunity arises, sartorial exploration.

Have a nice weekend one and all.

Brown in Town