Setting One’s Intention For The Year Ahead..


Before the month is up, might I start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year full of health, wealth and happiness! Traditionally I’d have put pen to paper before now, but I spent the first week of The New Year measuring grooms: it would appear that grooms have finally taken heed of what I have been telling them all these years; The Time is Now!

Christmas you see, is the time when grooms are likely to be quizzed regarding their wedding suit or attire for the impending Big Day. In some cases, it is not only the attire of the groom but also his groomsmen, for no bride wants those Herbert’s to let the side down on the big day.

But, as fate would have it, following a rather successful and busy Chosen Wedding Fair in October (held at Bristol’s Paintworks) we filled our books up to and including the last week of December, which also cleared us out of our most hallowed of appointments, the evening slot! Apologies to all of those whom we could not squeeze-in until the New Year as a result of this windfall.

So, what does 2018 have in store. Well, for me personally, in order to keep mind, body and soul in check, I have taken up yoga.. again! It is something I discovered whilst living in South Beach, Miami and regularly practiced when living in Hong Kong. With the Brown in Town being as busy as it is and with home being as busy as two children under the ago of six are, it has been difficult to maintain. But the Hatha class on a Monday night appears to have done the trick.

The search for new premises continues and both my barber (Neil) and I are excited about the prospect of a joint venture offering both hairdressing and tailoring, where our customers can enjoy having not only their ears lowered, but also their hems – although these days I prefer to shorten those!

In the meantime, the new Brown in Town e-commerce website is under construction and when it launches will offer those who are unable to visit the shop, or our outpost London, the opportunity to procure something online without having to make an appointment.
Speaking of which, London shows no signs of slowing and sometimes has us setting off a day early to attend to the sartorial requirements of our close friends at Meekins & Co. However, whilst we may be making a few more home and office visits than we have done in the past, suitors please note that the following prerequisites must be observed; a parking space for the Brown in Tan Van and if an evening appointment is required, a humidor stocked with cigars and a bed for the night – pool not a necessity but nothing like starting the day with a dip, eh?!

Now, as we are still making very good use of last years Custom Collection jackets and slacks, I was not intending to design any additional items for this year, but the desire to explore colour not to mention temptation, has gotten the better of me.

I have been inspired by cloths from some of our most celebrated mills of late. For example, Fox Brothers have launched two new bunches (ranges); one named Heritage which celebrates a smattering of patterns resurrected from their 1938 – 1940 archive and the other is some uncharacteristically lightweight jacketings under the aptly named Somerset Jacketings (the Fox mill is our most local mill based in Wellington in Somerset).

Dugdale Bros. in Huddersfield are offering one of my favourite cloths of the moment in the form of cavalry twills in the most wonderful autumnal colours to include a caramel, chocolate brown and also dark green – my accent colour for 2018 by the way. In addition, they have some gaberdines available in some very bright hues and primaries notwithstanding some real Irish linens and some rather flamboyant silk & linen jacketings and gaberdines for the Summer months – here’s hoping this year’s will be more reliable than last year – the Brompton didn’t even get a look in last year; either too hot or too wet!

Our relationship with Abraham Moon goes from strength to strength given the desire of our grooms to wear a full three piece suit on their wedding day, which is invariably at the height of summer on a farm and with no shade!

To facilitate this, Moons offer tweeds which weigh in at a mere 10/11oz, which, given most shooting tweeds start at 14oz, is quite the proposition. That said, I have and will always maintain that the best colour for a groom to wear to a wedding is the colour which is most flattering, whether that be a 10oz tweed’esque, or a 22oz brown donegal!

And last but by no means least, after three years of customisation the Brown in Tan Van looks set to be given it’s official launch inclusive of livery very soon.. Watch this space.

As always, if you or your loved ones have any sartorial requirements, do feel free to enquire within.

All the best,

David.. Ommmmmmm

Brown in Town