Pearls of Wisdom

Our customers often wax lyrical about the luxuriousness of our fine shirts; the cut, and, ergo, fit, as well as the 100% Egyptian cotton shirtings that we offer, being what makes a good shirt, well, good.

My theory is, this often revelatory experience is as a result of a shirt being in direct contact with one’s skin, whereas, one’s suit (jacket and trousers), is not. Albeit a well-fitted suit receives the highest praise in terms of transforming our appearance, it is the fit of a well-fitting shirt which is most tangible and also forms the foundation of a perfect ensemble – no use having a well-tailored suit and an ill-fitting shirt..

Having had my shirts tailor made for many years, I not only enjoy the same impeccable fit in all of my shirts – I run 6 shirts during the week and 3 for weekends – but I also have developed a style for both my work shirts; semi cutaway collar, double cuff with a rounded cut-away at the top, plain fronted and, depending on the shirting colour and pattern itself, a contrasting white collar and cuff and my casual shirts; Kent collar, either button down or no, and occasionally with a placket if I want the shirt to look preppy, all of which I rarely deviate from as it’s a style which works well for me and is a style which I still enjoy, and, ergo, have not felt the need to revise – some may call me a creature of habit.

However, it was not so long ago I had my own revelation when I had a shirt made which featured mother of pearl buttons – and b.e.a.utiful they are too! Not only is mother of pearl used for it’s inherent strength – not that I’ve ever broken a shirt button made of any other material which we use, I hasten to add, and neither have our customers – but their inherent natural beauty is something to behold. They are also more delicate to the touch, which in itself feels luxurious. However, it is the kaleidoscope of colours which appear on the reverse of the buttons which I find most appealing.

So, being a recent convert myself to the luxury of having mother of pearl buttons on all of my shirts, I can quite understand the euphoria of one of Brown in Town’s most eminent customers upon seeing his new shirt, replete with mother of pearl buttons, whilst conducting his shirt fitting this week. I was removing the double-sided buttons from his cuff, by way of demonstration as to how useful these, typically disposable, buttons are as a cufflink back-up, for emergencies, when he noticed the rainbow of colours that the mother of pearl buttons surrendered and commented how beautiful they were.

Quite rightly, he proffered that they were far too beautiful to dispose of and I had to agree. And so, in order that we might share our enjoyment of one of lifes little luxuries with all of our patrons, we have decided that all Brown in Town shirts from our 2 fold ranges of shirtings; CavendishHanover and Grosvenor, will be adorned with mother of pearl buttons – mother of pearl buttons will also be available on our Portman range of shirtings for a small surcharge.

We look forward to providing you a little of mother natures luxury upon your next shirt order.


Brown in Town