Open All Hours!


If I had a pound for every time someone has said to me in the last couple of months “I didn’t think that you were open on a Monday, David”. Or, “I am in need of a new suit, some shirts, some tweeds (insert missing/threadbare/urgently required garment here), but I am only going to be in Bristol on Tuesday, and you’re not open on Tuesday’s, are you, David”? I wouldn’t so much have enough in order to facilitate an early retirement, but I’d certainly consider revising one’s website to reflect the hours which Brown in Town now keeps, and, possibly, even scribe a blog in the fashion of a classified advertisement to ensure that all my patrons, and, more besides, were aware that since the arrival of my second child, Brown in Town is, effectively, open all hours!

The final hint, and there have been many – I am too tired, and, ergo, too slow on the uptake, owing to a lack of sleep, to realise that I should perhaps have notified all and sundry of our revised opening hours immediately following the birth of our son in July – came during a luncheon at the glorious Old Down Manor, Bristol. Our host, the delectable Olivia Mills, has a vested interest in a real life grocers and convenience store, itself modelled on the much loved television show of the same name ‘Open All Hours’, Thornbury’s own Riddifords – Olivia’s beau is Oliver Riddiford.

And while you may not find Bristol’s local tailor placing orders onto the cutting table in the middle of the night, we can certainly be found in Hotel du Vin’s bar earlier, later and more frequently, than ever before. And the simple reason is this; the pleasure of an hour of yoga in the morning, before ascending the ladder to one’s study in the attic, for 8 solid hours of paperwork, has all at once become less of a catharsis and more of a chore since, not only my children, but also the memsahib, Saffron Darby, moved into the family home immediately following Rubin Sonny’s arrival, whereas before, I had the entire house to myself between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00!

Of course, I realise that no monopoly lasts forever, and that if I want  the family name to continue, or indeed, the business, then it was necessary to have had another child in the form of a son. Of course, it’s always possible that Grace Blake will follow in her parents footsteps, or, indeed, not marry, but we live in hope, eh?!

So, if you are in need of a wedding suit, some tweeds, perhaps, or duds for work, or perhaps services of a shirtmaker, or perhaps you are bereft of some accoutrement; an umbrella, a handkerchief, a pocket square or tie, then rest assured that, even if I am not in my lair at Hotel du Vin’s old cigar humidor, or indeed at The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch then I am not far away, and can be contacted in various ways and means, in order to make an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you, all hours..

Brown in Town