Never Say Never!


It came to me during my Monday morning meditation. Like an epiphany moment: “Never Say Never”!

And what does Bristol’s local tailor mean by this declaration, Never Say Never? I refer, of course, to Brown in Town’s ethos, our philosophy, if you will. Our modus operandi.

You see, as our name may suggest, whilst Brown in Town may have one foot firmly in our glorious past where morning dress was de rigueur for weddings, and equestrian events, and dinner suits were the required dress code for the evening. And city gents wore pin stripe suits but never brown into town, which was the reserve of the country gent, or indeed the city gent in the country, we also take great care in dressing our customers in a fashion that brings out the best in them, and them alone.

Now, this may, or may not, involve us being commissioned to make a wedding suit made of brown tweed at a customers bequest, for a wedding taking place in the city. Or, maybe offering advice on just the right shade of brown shoes to be worn with a blue lounge suit, a la Edward VIII. Or, perhaps, horn coloured buttons on a blue double breasted blazer instead of brass ones, in order to match khaki slacks..imagine?!

The funny thing about this term of phrase, is that it has been my personal edict for many, many years. For it has been my experience, that one can never be too certain of our changing moods, circumstances, and, moreover, the style of the day. But what is certain, is that our own style is something that develops over time, and that taking advice from your tailor on such things as which cloth colour is flattering against our skin-tone, beard or barnet is a liberating experience. And that, having an understanding of what our tailoring traditions are, before going off piste, can be very rewarding indeed.

So, if you like your schmutter, and, like us, you do not enjoy the drudge and frustration of shopping – because what you want was last season, or perhaps last decade – then let your tailor introduce to you a world of bespoke finery and myriad cloths and cuts to whet and satiate your sartorial appetite.

I bid you adieux, I’m off to celebrate one’s Birthday with a night at the Talbot Inn.

Brown in Town