Michael: Man About Town


With each passing day, Brown in Town finds it’s feet further and further under the table of hospitality at Bangshanky; we have a desk, with drawer, no less. We have a collection of beautiful handcrafted carpenters tools chests; now home to our pins, our Kent clothes brush and scissors.

We have adorned each and every hook with a bunch of the best of British cloth (we also have a book of Italian cloths and with Summer approaching we should, perhaps, carry more). We have a hanging rail full of beautifully tailored suits and a wall-mounted mirror with spot lighting – the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of dressing my patrons in front of.

In fact, the only thing our ‘comes complete’ studio was missing, was a mannequin, or two. “What of Douglas” I hear you cry. Well, visitors to Clifton Arcade, or indeed Zip Pin alterations, will know that Douglas is currently on tour and has taken pride of place in the window at the tailor’s tailor. Which meant that the window of our new studio was devoid of a shining example of our work.

So, without further ado, won’t you join me in welcoming ‘Michael’ – so named after Michael Caine, my sartorial hero – to the fold; you’ll see him in the window of 76 Colston St. – home of Bangshanky.

Which leaves but one mannequin, the one who keeps our patrons company below ground, in our studio. So, if our first mannequin was named after Douglas Hayward (tailor of one’s sartorial hero) and our second after Michael Caine himself; after whom should we name the third.. Answers on a postcard, please.

May we take this opportunity to wish all of our patrons and friends a very happy Easter..

Brown in Town