London Calling


They say, when a man grows tired of London, he grows tired of life: I left the big smoke 5 years ago, but not because I am tired of London.

As one’s moniker suggests, Bristol’s local tailor now resides in the South West, in what used to be home to Britain’s largest port. And, whilst I am very happy with my new surroundings in Brigstowe, it would be churlish not to return home from time to time.

But, needless to say, that only an hour after check-in at The Hoxton Hotel, I not only felt homesick but was buzzing with the excitement of being back in the Capital, and back in the East End where my tailoring roots lie being inspired by the movers and shakers who fill the lobby with their brightly coloured overcoats, double breasted cropped-jackets, half-mast Thom Browne esque trousers and sockless shoes.

And whilst so much has changed; new boutiques, cafes and bars abound in this hip quarter, it is like a homecoming all the same being as this is the city I was born in, was schooled in and cut my teeth in – no matter how long one has been away, it still feels like home and it’s great to be a part of it once more.

And what of the sartorial prowess of this hip quarter: there are faces from style magazines, faces from Pinterest, from the Sartorialist blog, and so many familiar beautiful people with great style who can only stand to inspire those who have called upon Bristol’s local tailor for his sartorial services whilst we wax sartorial in The Hoxton’s fabulous lobby bar.

And there was, I have to confess, a man with so much style that I was almost embarrassed to enter the lobby of the hotel who appears on the pages of all of the aforementioned style bibles. Fortunately, this lobby was big enough for both of us, that is to say, for he to preside, and for Bristol’s local tailor to be discreet in another corner of the vast lobby and bar.

But, to the job at hand; a groom and his suit. I must confess, I’ve never been called upon to wax sartorial at 09:00 before but given the unforgiving schedule of a chef, I was only too happy to oblige and facilitate a meeting at this hallowed hour, once I’d taken the hotel’s inspired, nay, exemplary, breakfast in my room you understand – albeit I delayed the gratification of one’s first coffee until after our appt. Thank you Fix 126.

And, within a short space of time we’d discussed sartorial inspiration, Paul Smith, colour, blue (no sheen) panama weave cloth from Dugdales Bros & Co. and lining colour (to match the wedding colour scheme, though I’m sworn to secrecy) the style and design, 3pcs and modern classic, and Chef was on his way to the Quality Chophouse to prepare his patron’s lunch. One patrons down, two to go – but I shall have had a drink by then so am scribing this now.

And so, to the movers and shakers, the effervescent staff at The Hoxton Hotel and my patrons, I bid you adieux..until next time London.

Brown in Town