Dress For A Party Everyday, And The Party Will Come To You!


Seldom am I inspired merely by the picture of a person that I have never met, nor know anything about. But, that is exactly the case where Steve Edge was concerned..

The photograph in question was taken by photographer Remco Merbis, also owner of Pixillion creative digital agency in Bristol. Remco shot the Brown in Town’s website and it was on Remco’s blog that I came across this effervescent character.

Lord Shoreditch (as Steve is known affectionately), self professed philosopher, madman and wanderer is founder of Edge Design in London’s Shoreditch. Something of a renaissance man himself, I felt an affinity even before we had met – given that I have a monthly residency at The Hoxton Hotel, I thought it would be rude not to pay my respects at the temple of Edge Design and so asked our mutual friend to facilitate a meeting.

In one of the photographs taken by Remco, Lord Edge is wearing a stunningly beautiful Dries Van Noten jacquard overcoat with thick black horn rimmed glasses and a shock of white hair, framed by a tightly wound scarf. Like any human being with a penchant for fine clothing, I initially thought this a great ensemble handpicked for a photoshoot, but it quickly became clear that Lord Edge possesses more than just Sunday Best, as photos on this website attest; oxblood brogues, Oxford bags, tweeds, 3 piece suits, double breasted suits and all manner of flamboyant dress abound.

Edge Design HQ did not disappoint, replete with mid century modern classics such as Panton, Bruere and Eames, it is immediately evident that Steve’s eye for design and good taste reaches far beyond schmutter.

But it is the schmutter, and moreover, Lord Edge’s own inimitable sense of style which is intrinsic to Edges unique philosophy; “Dress For A Party Everyday, And The Party Will Come To You”.

In other words, don’t save the best until last as you may never be afforded the opportunity to wear it.

Now, whilst Bristol’s local tailor is an advocate of dressing up and dressing for an occasion, I am oft informed by our patrons of their dismay at the demise of the occasion to which to wear their beloved suits (casual dress, or mufti, is increasingly the refrain of the English work place). And, whilst dinner suits used to enjoy an outing at least once or twice a year, there is less and less occasion, ney, requirement, for tux these days also, and more’s the pity I hear them cry.

Fortunately, a large portion of Brown in Town’s commissions come from grooms, who, having been given the nod by the memsahib, revel in the opportunity afforded them to have a bespoke suit (and more often than not a shirt and tie too) made for the big day. And almost without exception, the suit design favoured by grooms, who often times are experiencing the luxury, the benefits, and, dare I say it, the occasion of having a suit made for the first time, is the three piece suit – it’s classic, and/or vintage appeal most often cited as the reason for it’s popularity.

Now, we are not wishing that anyone has the occasion to have to commission more than one wedding suit in their lifetime in order to satiate their desire for bespoke finery, but if you are looking for an opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve, then look no further; wear your wedding suit to work, your tweeds to the pub, your favourite sports jacket and shirt combo to the supermarket, your brightest pocket square, favourite tie and your bestest shoes, and dress everyday as if you were going to a party. The party will surely come to you.

Brown in Town