Bristol Pound for Pound


Having made the decision to make Bristol our home, and moreover, the home of Brown in Town, we thought it fitting that we not only support as much local business as we are able, which we have sought to do from our inception and was one of the principles of Brown in Town, but we have also joined some of our fellow tradesmen in accepting the currency which talks louder than money: the Bristol Pound!

What I love about Bristol is that there is a sense of community among traders: from the new wave of independent cafes such as Small St. EspressoFull Court PressDidn’t You Do Well and Za Zu’s, to craft beer breweries such as Small Bar Bristol, pop-up bars like Bar BuvetteHarts Bakery – which began life as a pop-up – speakeasies like Hyde & Co. and Red Light and restaurants like Pata NegraThe Ox and The Star & Dove, to butchers like Rare on North St., vinyl record stores like Payback Records in St. Nicholas Market, barbers like our beloved Bangshanky on Colston St. and, of course, our very own Zip Pin Alterations in Clifton Arcade, there is a wealth of talent, craftsmanship and passion to meet the needs of an increasingly discerning customer.

I will confess to having reservations about Bristol being the latest in a succession of towns and cities that believes it is deserved of it’s own currency – I have some experiences of the Lewes Pound, which, for all intent and purposes, seemingly encouraged only elitism and not the desired effect of keeping business local and seeing local trade flourish – I learned recently of a friend who had to close her beautiful shop exquisite homewares owing to over-inflated rates affordable only to the larger chains. And more’s the pity.

Bristol, however, has always been industrious. When trade and commerce literally sailed across the seven seas, more often than not, those ships docked here in Bristol Harbour at what was once one of the busiest ports in the country – in fact, it is owing the the fluctuation of the tide of the River Avon, which gave rise (no pun intended) to the term ‘Shipshape and Bristol Fashion’, referring to a ships ability to securely lash it’s cargo in order to sustain being stranded at low tide during unloading. You couldn’t make it up, could you.

Nowadays, of course, the harbour is a hive of activity once more but now with the hubbub of cafes, restaurants, art galleries and museums all vying for waterside prominence – a great many of whom accept the Bristol Pound as payment for their services and wares. And, likewise, Brown in Town is also proud to accept the Bristol Pound as payment for it’s sartorial services, ney, we’d encourage it!

And for those deliberating whether or not to pay in hard-earned Bristol Pounds for their wedding suitbusiness duddssports jackettailored shirts or even their Fox umbrellas or Skibinski pocket squares, you might be interested to learn that there is a sweetener for those choosing to abstain from using the plastic just this once. Enquire within..

Keep business local.

Brown in Town