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ready to wear or made to order



The Custom Collection will comprise eight pieces throughout the year - this may or may not have anything to do with our initials being B.I.T which is also the name given to a group of binary digits operated on as a unit, typically 8, which is referred to as one BYTE - to include 3 jackets; a winter warmer, a summer jacket and the essential blue blazer. Two styles of shirt; one with quarter cut-away collar and a double cuff, the other with a Kent collar and single cuff, to be worn open neck. Trousers will comprise a pair of chinos, a pair of worsted slacks and in the Spring a pair of tailored shorts featuring a turn-up and double pleat.

The Custom Collection is so named as 'Custom' is the term used for bespoke tailoring in the USA and the pieces are available to order as a ready-to-wear but also made to order using either the customers off-the-peg measurements, or those provided by the customer or, in the instance of Brown in Town patrons, the measurements we have on file - in addition, certain design details can be changed upon request.




Been Measured

If you have an account with Brown in Town, simply contact us by your preferred method with details of your order, ensuring you provide feedback on the fit of the most recent garment which we have made for you- as we may need to revise your pattern before we start cutting.

Be Measured

If you do not have an account and would like to be measured for one of the pieces in our Custom Collection, simply give us a call to arrange an appointment with us in London or Bristol; or perhaps somewhere else.


If you would like to order one of the fine pieces from our Custom Collection and are unable to have us take your measurements, please feel free to provide us your jacket measurements; chest, waist, shoulder width and jacket length and your trouser measurements; waist, seat and outside leg - measured by your own fair hand and not that of Mr Strauss, if you please. We'll do the rest.