The Quarter-Cutaway: Shirt for Tie

Just as every man should own a shirt which can be worn open-necked without a tie, also knows as a Kent-Collar, so too should he own a shirt that is intended to be worn with a tie.

And while the Cutaway Collar is almost certainly the go-to collar for tie wearers, the Quarter-Cutaway Collar meets the Kent and Semi-Cutaway uptown; neither too spread, nor too close together at the wingtips.

The finished result is a collar which commands a second look as it has a style all it’s own; it stands proud, appears generous in the wing tips and high in the collar stand, even if it is not - we offer a choice of collar stand for those who favour a collar which stands high, or indeed low at the back of the neck.

Made from 100% Egyptian cotton twill or poplin shirtings, our Custom Collection work shirt is a wardrobe staple that is available in a range of versatile colours, such as plain white, light blue and pale pink.

For those who appreciate a little luxury in their shirts, mother of pearl buttons can also be added, which are as strong as they are beautiful. The shirt also features a double-cuff with a rounded edge, so as to prevent it becoming dog-eared, and a plain front, which we find to be more versatile than a placket.