The Field Jacket

Inspired by the traditional field coat, which is popular with rambler and shooters alike, we have fashioned this utilitarian jacket using the historical British Army Greatcoat cloth, to take you from town to country and from peg to pub!

The British Army Greatcoat is perhaps one of the most instantly recognisable pieces of military attire. Perhaps because it has become a favourite with civilians, and none more instantly recognisable than one of it's greatest proponents; Sir Winston Churchill who took it from No. 10 to the trenches and back.

But while the floor-to-ceiling nature of this stalwart may be OTT for most but diehards, the insulating qualities of this Abraham Moon felted wool overcoating are perfect for the inclement weather here in Blighty. No doubt the Field Jacket will appeal to a great many more offered in this shorter length.

The design of four patch pockets was inspired by my own Belstaff motorcycle jacket, which is a reissue of an original design. Our Field Jacket provides an easy-care option for those who appreciate utility as much as they do versatility - while I love the finish and the colour-ways of waxed jackets, they can look drab after a while and are not as yet easy to clean as wool!

The oversized-button down external patch pockets are customisable - as are all elements of the Custom Collection - so can be made to whichever size you require. Likewise, the brass closures on the pocket flaps can be replaced with buttons if preferred.

The incredibly comfortable elasticated cuffs will keep out the wind and rain, while the Ventile trim inside the jacket is designed to prevent the typical wear and tear associated with jacket linings.

Given it's 16oz, the Field Jacket is not overly heavy to wear, as I'm sure the historical Great Coat would have been. However, it does provide the wearer the reassurance of being robust owing to the density of the weave, and incredibly comfortable owing to the quilted effect of the lining.

As with all of the Custom Collection, we hope that you are inspired by the pieces we create, as indeed they are inspired by you.