Oxford Shirt: The Open-Neck Shirt

It has taken me many years to arrive at the shirt design which has now been incorporated into our Custom Collection. Initially, I struggled to make a casual shirt at all, that is, a shirt which I was as comfortable wearing as those which I wear with a tie during the sartorial week; ties seemed overkill for the weekend.

Being a fan of the preppy look, I made some button-down collared shirts, replete with placket. But this just didn't do it for me, as they didn't look right with my tailored chinos and blazer. Given I would also be wearing these shirts during the annual Summer sojourn, paired with one's (tailored) shorts and without a jacket, these shirts would have to look as good on their own and with the sleeves rolled-up, which meant a single cuff for sure.

Eventually, the design which I found to be most versatile was a Kent collared shirt with a plane front and made from our 100% cotton Oxford shirting; which holds it's shape well and looks crisp throughout the day. The cuffs are a single cuff, but with the option to wear a cufflink if required. The shirts are available in staple colours; white, blue and pink and feature real mother of pearl buttons, not only for their hard wearing qualities, but moreover because I love the kaleidoscope of colour on the reverse of the button!