Like my forefathers, I have always considered the handkerchief an essential piece of kit and the carrying of one dignified; an aide for life's sniffles if you will.

As with all things at Brown in Town, we consider form tantamount to function. So, wanting to provide our customers with something more than the monikered, the plain-white or the plain silly we are very pleased to present this beautiful collection of colourful handkerchiefs from one of India's oldest cloth merchants.

Handkerchiefs £6

These playful handkerchiefs remind me of those I used to receive each Christmas from my mother - before they were replaced with the monikered, the plain-white and the plain silly - and, in turn, remind of those of my forefathers which were always beautifully designed and made.

We hope that you find these 100% cotton handkerchiefs, in a selection of patterns and designs just that; beautifully designed and made.