They say that behind every great man, is a great woman: and as any self-respecting woman will inform you; it is possible to ruin a perfectly good suit with a bad pair of shoes.

So too, it can be with a great pair of shoes; they can be ruined if not given the due care and attention that they deserve. Which is why Brown in Town are very pleased to introduce to our patrons these genius galoshes from Swims of Norway.

Galoshes £59

Why genius: because not only do they offer protection from the elements and general wear and tear to one’s fine handmade shoes, but they are available in colours to perfectly match whichever suit you choose to wear; from camouflage, to orange and brown to black; there is a colour for every suit and every occasion!

Available to order from our shop below decks at Bangshanky on Colston Street, where we have a complete range of colours, or by mailorder upon request.