Unless something has been spilled on your suit, or overcoat, all that is required to keep your suit clean, and in good working order, is a clothes brush and the occasional steaming and pressing by a reputable dry cleaner. The benefit of brushing one’s suit is to keep the cloth dust and lint free.

Before you remove your suit at the end of each day, simply brush it with a soft bristled clothes brush i.e. bristles that will not tear at the cloth, but rather massage it. Pay particular attention to the shoulders of your jacket/coat, the elbows, the back and the lapels and front. Trousers should be brushed on the seat, at the knee and the ankles. Waistcoats merely require the front be brushed.

Clothes Brushes £29 and £14

Kent brushes is one of the oldest and most established brush makers in Britain, founded in 1777 and Brown in Town offer two different types of their wonderful brushes for keeping one's suits in fantastic condition.

Our long handled brush made from mahogany and black and white soft bristles, is suitable for gently removing hair and 'fluff' from clothes without damaging the material - this brush is perfect for brushing your suit before you take it off.

Our small rectangular, travel size brush is made from Cherry wood and pure black bristle. This is a perfect all round brush and is best used on your suit when it is hanging.