Naturally it is the aim of Brown in Town to inspire its Customers with the finest cloths and fine tailoring, but we also love to discover new products and take great pride in curating wonderful accoutrements for the modern gentleman.

But it is not a one way Street; our Customers often inspire us with their own findings, often from their travels overseas and in some instances family heirlooms. This was the case where the now infamous yellow box cloth braces are concerned, which were inherited by one of my Customers from his grandfather who was a member of the Somerset Yeomanry.

Produced by renowned maker Albert Thurston for Benson & Clegg of Piccadilly, the braces themselves are made from Boxcloth; a pure wool fabric woven in Yorkshire, then finished by being shrunk to half it's original width, which tightens up the cloth allowing it to be used for making these classic braces.

Box Cloth Braces £80

Made in the traditional way with leather ends, which feature handstitched button holes for fastening to your ‘braces-buttons’, which are attached to the waistband of your trousers (either inside or outside), either during the make or retrospectively - each pair of braces comes complete with a set of ‘braces-buttons’ inside the presentation box.

The fittings, or buckles, are hand polished gilt brass and the braces themselves are designed in such a way that they can either be cut to the desired length, or fold the excess over and through the leather strap.

All-in-all these braces are the epitome of British workmanship and tradition. You will have no need to hitch-up your trousers ever again - it is impossible for them to fall down! There is no better way to suspend your trousers; no wonder our American counterparts call them suspenders!