The pocket square, the silk handkerchief, the pochette, the hank; all names given to the square of silk, linen, cotton or wool used as embellishment in a jacket's breast pocket - and in my case, also used to clean my spectacles!

We hand-select our pocket squares from renowned haberdasher Drakes and also Penrose of London. All are cut to just the right size to ensure the right amount of flounce is achieved above the top of the pocket.

Pocket Squares £49

We also favour pocket squares which are silk-screen printed which ensures the design is visible on both sides of the square.

And, lastly, but possibly most importantly, our pocket squares are finished with a rolled-edge, as this age-old tradition ensures a perfect finish on both front and back of the square. So, regardless how you fashion your square in your pocket, it will look immaculate!