Wedding Suits: The Time is Now

Barely a week into the New Year and already you grooms are thinking about your wedding suits, and why not; the Christmas festivities are behind us, you’ve had a week to work off the excesses and now you’re back behind the desk, the wheel, the bar, enemy lines, but, with the help of Brown in […]

Shirt Collars: Pressing Times

The original idea for the name given to the Brown in Town blog, the Advisory, came to me as these things often do, at 33,000ft. We were flying to New Zealand to see my Sis’ and her wonderful family,  when a light bulb went off; what if I could reach a wider audience than my […]

Time: The Greatest Luxury Of All

To say that we have been a little busy of late at Brown in Town, would be a gross understatement – Saffron Darby may require a housekeeper if we spend any more time in the studio and not at No. 73, ahem. And there is one reason and one reason alone that our books are […]

Summertime, And the Linen is Easy..

While there are many of us still awaiting the arrival of that fickle mistress, the British Spring, this being  Blighty, summer may arrive, as it so often does, like a swarm of locusts, completely without warning. One day we are pulling galoshes over our Cheaney shoes and popping our Fox umbrellas amid a deluge, the […]

Setting One’s Intention For The Year Ahead..

Before the month is up, might I start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year full of health, wealth and happiness! Traditionally I’d have put pen to paper before now, but I spent the first week of The New Year measuring grooms: it would appear that grooms have finally taken heed of what I […]