Overcoats: The Winter Warmer

While many of my customers clearly have a direct line to God, or indeed Michael Fish depending on who you trust to predict the weather, and have ordered their overcoats early this season, a great many more feel that with the cold wet weather so suddenly upon us, they have missed the boat; but they’d […]

New Year, New Custom Collection

It used to be, way back when, that I could set my watch by the annual wedding season – enquiries come early in January following the Christmas break when groom is likely interrogated by both sides of his family about progress with finding himself a wedding suit! Measuring would then start in February/March for the […]

Up in Smoke: The Art of Preparing a Fine Cigar

I’ve resisted the temptation to provide commentary on all manner of pursuits pertaining to what is now referred to as ‘lifestyle’ – not least because I find the term to be tacky, at best, and sullied by luxury brands, at worst. But, because I believe my patrons to be discerning enough to make informed decisions […]

The End of Summer..

While Bristol’s local tailor is of the volition that the recent inclement weather is nothing more than the tail end of hurricane Bertha, it would appear that, though the sun has returned to our skies we have been subject to more than the usual number of showers for this time of year, and, most disconcertingly […]