The term bespoke, is derived from ‘bespoken’, an olde English term used when placing an order for something. In the tailoring trade, it was used to earmark a cloth bespoken for by a customer for a suit, or other tailored garment.

Here, at Brown in Town, we invite you to discuss with us your sartorial requirements, whether they be a wedding suit, a business suit or lounge suit, jacket or slacks. And, once we have an understanding of the garments application, we can make informed suggestions of which cloths might be of interest.

There are many cloth mills and merchants, producing so much beautiful cloth, but we strive to show you those cloths which we believe are befitting of your personal requirements, tastes and needs. Whilst our fine house cloths are from the north of England and also northern Italy, we take great pride in the cloths which we source closer to home, from Lear Browne and Dunsford, in Exeter.

Cloth merchants since 1895, when Exeter was the second busiest trading port the country not to mention woollen exporters to the worldwide tailoring industry, LBD are purveyors of such fine cloths as Harrisons of Edinburgh, Pedersen & Becker, H. Lesser, Porter & Harding, to name but a few.

While there are many facets for one to enjoy when having a garment tailor made, we believe that it is the cloth which can make all the difference. With so much variety of colour, texture, weave and pattern, there is sure to be a cloth just for you..


  1. To have a suit tailored by anyone other than David Minns of ‘Brown in Town’ would simply be a waste of time!

  2. Quite by chance, David from ‘Brown in Town’ entered my life this year. Looking to move away from the mundane, David has somehow managed to clad my most awkward frame, and helped me become true to my own sense of trans-European style (with a flash of colour along the way). What used to be the most difficult part of preparing to meet customers is a simple decision of colour, as I know all of his suits fit, perfectly. I am no longer concerned about my clothing (it is all great..,), and instead can spend the time wisely by concentrating on the message instead. It can’t be sheer coincidence that sales increased by 35% this year….can it?

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