Surgeon’s Cuff
Considered de rigeur in men’s tailoring, though rarely used to roll-up one’s sleeves in order to perform surgery! Regardless, there are few who do not appreciate the tactility of a functioning cuff.

Vintage Ticking Stripe Sleeve Lining
our jacket sleeve linings are inspired by vintage clothing and, moreover, the detail incorporated into them; from the yellow stitching and copper rivets of denim jeans to the fishtails and ticking striped waistbands of vintage trousers, it is these details which have inspired us so much over the years.

Internal Breast Pockets
Our breast pockets come replete with security tabs which button the pocket closed. The benefit of this design is that the breast pockets will carry either your wallet or your phone, without spoiling the lines or silhouette of your jacket.

Hip Pockets with Coin Catcher
The hip pockets of our trousers are deep enough to carry the prerequisite handkerchief, loose change (in the coin catcher provided) and, if you must, your mobile phone. The rear pockets are buttoned and jetted, to prevent them protruding and catching.

Roped Sleeve Head
The roped sleeve head takes it’s name from the method with which the sleeve was once attached to coats; the top of the sleeve head was folded over a rope, facilitating the attaching of the top of the sleeve to the shoulder of the coat. This provided a raised seam at the top of the sleeve which provides definition and an elegant silhouette between the shoulder and the sleeve.

Renaissance Finish
For those who really appreciate the devil in the detail, there is the option to have traditional hand sewn buttonholes, real horn buttons and a fully canvassed jacket or vest.

The Devil in the Detail

Inspired by our sartorial past, we like to incorporate into our garments the sort of design details which not only enhance performance, but which conjure images of a bygone era when men wore suits with style, and wore them everyday. From hip adjusters to fully functioning pockets, we like to make our suits to be as functional as they are flattering.

And if the suit is modern man's coat of armour, then surely the jacket is the male handbag: which is why Brown in Town incorporates no fewer than 7 fully functioning pockets into our coats and jackets.

From phones to wallets, keys to spectacles, sunglasses to lipbalms, each one requires a pocket to carry them in. Which is why we have incorporated as many pockets as possible into our suits, moreover, we encourage our customers to use them!

Cigar Pocket
I have designed our jackets and coats with the fine art of cigar smoking in mind, incorporating a pocket that would hold a robusto sized cigar, whether tubed or otherwise.

Cigar Cutter and Lighter or Coin Change Pocket
In the right hip pocket of our coats and jackets are two internal pockets useful for carrying the ephemera required to prepare a cigar, or carry loose change. This leaves the rest of the pocket available for carrying such things as one’s sunglasses, without the risk of them being scratched.

Traditional Waistband Adjusters
With the exception of braces, waistband-adjusters, or hip-adjusters as they are sometimes known, are the best method of securing one’s trousers. Far superior to belts, adjusters can keep up with the ebb and flow of our roaming waistlines.

Pointed Waistband Extension
Our trousers have a pointed waistband extension as it prevents them becoming dogeared in the process, unlike it’s square ended cousin.